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USB-C Cable

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Meet the last USB-C Cable you will ever need. We wanted to design a cable that would stand the test of time from the abuse of daily travel from your home to the office or around the world. Our cable is beefy for fast charging, even though it measures 2 meters long. As much as we like the white minimalist cables that come with most devices today, we don't like how they turn yellow and black over time. Our nylon coated cables will provide resistance to dirt over time and continue to look fresh while you are at your local coffee shop or board meeting getting your charge on.

We offer our cables in three unique colors: black, gray and silver. Match the color of your device or pick up a couple to differentiate your different USB-C devices. Every one of our cables comes with a leather organizer with a magnetic clasp. We are organization freaks and wanted to ensure our customers had a way to keep their cables organized on their desk, in their bag and everywhere in between. Now what are you waiting for? It's time to #getlufted with our luft USB-C Cable.

Fits all USB-C compatible devices such as the 2016 MacBook / MacBook Pro / Samsung S8